Walbottle Year 11 Prom

Walbottle Year 11 Prom

Hello, the Year 11 Prom Photographs will be published in the Prom Supplement of the Chronicle on 24th July 2013, there will also be a gallery at chroniclelive.co.uk

Gambia 2013

Gambia 2013

In the Easter break we had a family holiday in The Gambia and had the added bonus of attending the grand opening of the ‘Walbottle Library’ in Kanalai village, which was completely paid for with fundraising by our students and staff.

We couldn’t have been more proud as we drove up and the library came into view, decked in England flags and sporting ‘Walbottle Library’ in big letters! We were dressed in African clothes as a mark of respect and were treat like VIPs, listened to Thank you speeches from the Head, Governor, Pastor, Head of the Village and even an army colonel. I kept my speech short & (hopefully) sweet. We were then shown a display of drama by the students, which was excellent, and dancing – which of course Shaun joined in with. (I have video evidence).

We then moved on to the actual library where the building was blessed and then Shaun cut the ribbon to officially open it. Everyone poured in and there were gasps of approval as the books and new shelving were examined closely by students & visitors. The library will not only serve the school but also the local community and will basically change their lives. They asked us to pass on their sincere gratitude to our Head teacher, staff & students. Thank you all for your support, however small. Hopefully we can carry on and have been asked about the possibility of a Primary School library. So with your help..

Zigi Shipper

Zigi Shipper

On Friday 26th October Zigi (Zygmunt) Shipper came to meet with our students including our Anne Frank Ambassadors and tell them about his experiences of the Holocaust.

Zigi is a Holocaust survivor, and spent time in Auchwitz and Stuthoff concentration camps, after first being segregated in the Ghetto with his Grandmother.

He told students about the atrocities that he had seen and how he felt at this time in his life. By explaining his philosophy on life and his belief that we are all equal, students were able to understand what Zigi had experienced during the Second World war in a Nazi Concentration camp. Thank you to the Anne Frank Trust for helping to arrange Zigi's visit.

All of the students enjoyed meeting the ever positive and inspiring Zigi and listening to his powerful and emotional story.

E-Learning Team receive National Award

E-Learning Team Receive National Award

Last month our E-Learning Team travelled to London to receive a Distinction for Technician Team of the Year from the National Association of School Business Management [NASBM].

The team are shown alongside the Director of Support who was very proud to see the Team recognised for their outstanding work within teaching and learning and also in

Fashion fun at Seaton Delaval Hall

Fashion fun at Seaton Delaval Hall

On Saturday the 28th of January members of Pinpoint, Walbottle's Fashion and Textile's club, visited Seaton Delaval Hall in South East Northumberland to meet with renowned costume designer Paul Shriek. Students were briefed on an educational project where local groups will research, design and make fashion garments inspired by authentic 18th Century costumes to be used at the Hall. In addition students will have the opportunity to see their garments on the catwalk in a fashion show.

Students were given a guided tour of the property and were entertained with tales from the 300 years of the Delaval and Astley families; the fun stories of their antics certainly brought the project to life. We were particularly amused by hearing of the flamboyant Francis Blake Delaval (1727 - 1771) eldest son of Captain Delaval. The most notorious of the family, he was a practical joker with a flair for theatrical entertainment. We sketched details, from the impressive portraits, of the colourful characters who transformed the industrial heritage of this part of the North East. These sketches will inspire subsequent design work. The National Trust are also linking up with the major new Delve Into The Delaval Archives exhibition at Woodhorn Museum in Ashington to bring the documents and characters alive through educational costumed storytelling sessions at the Hall.

Seaton Delaval Hall was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh and built between 1719 and 1732 for Admiral George Delaval. The house is regarded as the finest example of design by Sir John Vanbrugh; who also built Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard. Of particular note are the formal gardens, elaborate stables and restored ice house. It was saved for the nation by the National Trust in December 2009, after a massive public fundraising campaign. The transformation of the National Trusts newest property continues apace. A team of local stonemasons continue to repair the damage caused by the fire of 1822.

If you haven't already seen the English Baroque splendour of Seaton Delaval Hall, for yourself, it is well worth a visit. Seaton Delaval Hall is only 20 minutes from Newcastle, close to the coast between Whitley Bay and Blyth, and is open all year round.

We are looking for further volunteers! If you would you like to do something theatrical, creative and practical, learning from leading North East designer Paul Shriek together with Mrs Duffy and Mrs Hewitson, contact a member of the Fashion and Textiles Department.

Year 9 Sporting Wonder Challenge

Year 9 Sporting Wonder Challenge

Since early March three teams of year 9 pupils have been working on their entries for the Sporting wonder Challenge competition. This involved completing three tasks; developing their own construction company with logo, brochure and associated literature Identifying a building site, type of sports arena to develop and producing initial design ideas Producing scale drawings, a scale model and full costings for the building of their sports arena.

They were also assessed on their use of 'consultants' from industry.

Out of the sixteen teams involved, five made it to the Grand Final, including two of the three Walbottle teams; Campus Construction and Megabuild inc. There were four prizes available and Campus Construction won one for Transport Planning. All of the pupils in the final also received a medal. I was extremely impressed by the high level of enthusiasm and motivation the team members displayed throughout the process both in and out of school hours. They were extremely good ambassadors for the school and seem to have all gained significantly in terms of skills, experience and team working.

Catwalk Capers

Catwalk Capers

On Wednesday the 13th of June Fashion and Textiles students displayed their creativity at the Summer Arts Festival.

GCSE students showed off fashion designs on the themes of Harajuku, Punk and the 1960's.

Their highly decorative garments featured in a catwalk show. We are grateful to Miss McDonald and the Dance Academy who modelled the colourful designs admirably.

Thank you also to Miss Walker's Hairdressing students who styled the models and made her 'very proud with their enthusiasm, creative styling and dedication.

Mrs Duffy and Mrs Hewitson were delighted with the success of the evening, students pride in their work shone. It was great to see all the arts represented with excellent performances, delicious food made by the catering students and a lovely atmosphere.

Mrs Hewitson

Gopalakrishna High School learn Aussie Rules thanks to Walbottle

Gopalakrishna High School learn Aussie Rules thanks to Walbottle

Gopalakrishna High School is located 10 kms outside Madurai city. Most of the children who study here are from rural background. The Head Mistress of the school is very supportive for us in conducting Aussie Rules session. There are about 400 children studying here. We played Aussie Rules with class VIII students. The school has a vast play area which is an advantage to us. Hope you all enjoy this report!

We met the children in the classroom and briefed them about our purpose. We also told them a bit about sports, Olympics and Aussie Rules. When we realized the children had enough of our talking we quickly led them to the playground.

They were happy at last. Though it's a school for boys and girls, they both were very shy to be in the same group. When we first asked them to stand in a circle the boys were shy to stand close to the girls.

It's a cultural thing. We did a small ice breaking session. We played a game called 'Dog and bone'. We also played duck duck goose. By the end of the games we were able to achieve a better boy – girl distance in the circle.

We introduced the ball to the group. The children were used to a cricket ball and a football but an Aussie rules ball was something new, weird and funny.

  Aussie Rules thanks to Walbottle

We gave each of the children a chance to have a closer look at the ball. We explained a bit about hand passing, kicking, marking and scoring. We started practicing hand passing in a circle.A member of the CDC was in the middle of the circle and passed the ball to each child. The circle started as a small circle and then grew bigger as they pick up the skill.We then moved onto kicking, which is a bit difficult. One of the girls, Amutha, kicked the ball but the ball always came to her hand instead. We still wonder how she managed to do it. She got it right later.We made the boys stand in two lines and they kept hand passing or kicking to their friends opposite.We gave a small rest period and explained to the children about playing a match.We played a mock match ourselves and showed them how we tag and score. Some of the boys joined in with this.Written by CDC members

  Disneyland Paris  

Disneyland Paris

This was a wonderful visit for the Sixth Form Health and Social Care students at Walbottle Campus as they were offered the amazing opportunity to take part in an educational visit to Disneyland, Paris. On arrival at Disneyland our students joined up with other schools to take part in the study experiences on offer.

Students accompanied Miss Pace and Mrs Pallas-Gill for a four day visit. The visit was a carefully planned and expertly delivered series of seminars and workshops that examine many of the fundamental principles involved in Key Stage 5 Health and Social Care. Students evaluated the effectiveness of the theme park in relation to the facilities available for people with additional needs; the accessibility of the services and attractions within the park; and how the park manages health and safety concerns. Students considered the human resources element of running a multi million pound franchise including staff training, customer service, staff recruitment and retention. On a lighter note, students also assessed ride suitability and the effects of a roller coaster on the human body.

This visit allowed the students to see curriculum topics brought to life in a fun and engaging manner. Outside of the seminar times students were guided by workbook tasks and were encouraged to research and experience all the park has to offer.

On their return, the students are now in a position to add a richness and depth to their work as they have a greater understanding of key curriculum topics such as equality, diversity, human resources, individual needs and positive care environments.

I know from the buzz around the department that the students have had a remarkable and unforgettable experience that was not only educational but also enjoyable.