Aims and Values

The aim of South Shields Community School is to meet the needs of each student so that:

  • They are happy
  • They are safe
  • They achieve well in school
  • They learn to lead healthy lifestyles
  • They make a positive contribution to their community
  • They develop the skills and enthusiasm to continue learning

We intend to do this through personalising their learning. This means treating each student as an individual and providing learning opportunities and support to meet each student’s unique needs.

We aim to work with parents and the wider community so that they are more able to support our students.

We expect students to leave South Shields Community School as well rounded citizens who have high expectations of themselves and are confident in their ability to continue learning.

We expect our students to have developed a range of skills, which will allow them to achieve their potential throughout their lives and to have developed attributes such as resilience, responsibility and resourcefulness, which will mean that they are equipped to deal with change and the uncertainties of life.