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The first question you may have is what are Academies and how are they different to other schools?

Academies are part of a government plan to give parents more choice about the kinds of school available for their children.  They are schools which have more freedom to develop new ways of teaching and learning that are beneficial to students.  Academies are a type of independent school and are funded by the Government’s Department for Education (DfE).

Each academy has a sponsor who creates the vision, ethos and curriculum for the academy.  The sponsor also appoints the Principal who runs the academy.  The government provides funding, which allows the sponsor to run the academy, at the same level as other local schools.  You do not have to pay to send your children to an academy and free school meals are provided to all students entitled to them.

Academies accept students of all abilities. They are inspected by OfSTED (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills – the organisation which inspects schools), so they have to work to exactly the same high standards as other schools.  Academies do not work alone; they develop strong links with other local secondary and primary schools, and with their local communities.

You can find out more about academies on the Department For Education website.