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Vision And Ethos

All Will Succeed!

Our approach is simple and some say unique; we seek to remove any barriers to learning for every child. 

In using and developing innovative learning environments our students are given the power, confidence and freedom to learn and be creative according to their individual needs and potential.

We provide for each student a window on the world and the ability to access information at any time. 

We support and deepen the learning process not only in the classroom, but way beyond. 

We do this using the ‘Three Pillars’ of Social Capital, Personalised Learning and Professional Capital. These three pillars are founded on belief that all will succeed, with a community focus on ensuring success through access to learning for all our students and their families.

Social Capital

·       We believe that every child's individual needs are more effectively met through the collective minds, talents, abilities and efforts of all of those individuals who come together to form our community. 

·       The development of relationships and networks, knowing how to access and utilize these for the good of all and the creation of opportunities to promote this development are key factors in our building of social capital.

·       This secures a purposeful, focused and well self-regulated community that is determined to achieve the best possible outcomes for all individuals.

·       Experiences beyond the norm for students are the norm for Essa Academy.


·       We believe that each child is an individual and we do not predetermine specific learning pathways for groups of students. 

·       Through the development of innovative tools and technologies that allow access to rich and rigorous provision, students move through a cognitively based curriculum approach in a systematic manner. 

·       Student choice and aptitude, flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs are key features of this approach. 

·       We have a strong year 7 New Basics curriculum that accelerates and deepens students' levels of literacy and enquiry skills.

·       We enable universal access to learning through our family iPad programme.

Professional capital

·       As with social capital, we believe that when we work together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

·       We invest significantly in all of our people in terms of leadership and pedagogy to ensure the strongest possible basis for developing our students.  

·       This demands further developing of relationships within and beyond the academy.  

·       There is a highly committed approach to match individual development to professional need, enabling us to develop talent at the earliest opportunity.  

·       Exposure to experiences beyond the norm for a school workforce are again the norm for Essa Academy.  

Essa Academy is wholly committed to Bolton, its communities and its children and young people. As an Academy, we seek to work closely and collaboratively with all Bolton schools and communities to raise the attainment of Bolton students, and to equip them and their families with skills, knowledge and behaviours related to real jobs, which will enable them to be productive citizens in the 21st century.