Anita Ark

Department: English


Since joining Eastbury as an NQT in 2011, I have felt fully supported and encouraged by all my colleagues; including departmental staff and senior leadership. Teacher voice is valued and a strong sense of community prevails amongst students and staff here at Eastbury.

It is fantastic to be part of an ever strengthening English department – which has been recognised not only by the school, but nationally too. The whole school have supported us as a department, in our recent ventures – in a bid to generate strong links with other educational organisations, including the Royal Shakespeare Company. Such projects and schemes have allowed me to personally cultivate a strong sense of quality first teaching and an innovative approach to my pedagogy.

It is the strong sense of collaboration between staff, internally and externally; the dedication to teacher development and vibrant nature of our students and staff which makes teaching and learning at Eastbury a pleasure. 

Nicola Murray

Department: PSHE


I have worked at Eastbury School for thirteen years and have shared the journey with other members of staff and the students as we have become the most improved school in the borough. I feel a strong sense of loyalty to the school, and am proud to be part of a team of excellent teachers and associate staff, that work so well together to achieve the best for our students. I have witnessed a great deal of change since Mr Dickson took his place as head teacher. Achievement has improved, behaviour is excellent, staff morale is strong and the students are proud to be part of the school. I have always loved working at Eastbury, and I have built lifelong friendships here. I have always found the senior leadership team to be incredibly supportive and I feel very happy working here.

Khawar Tariq - Lead Practitioner

Department: Maths

After completing BEng in Electronics I chose to do a PGCE in 2008.  Eastbury was my 2nd placement where I found my affinity to teaching much greater and stronger than I imagined.  I was offered the job at the end of my placement and without a moment’s hesitation I accepted it.

The main criteria for me was the family like atmosphere, where the senior members of staff were genuinely helpful and for me it was the best melting pot.  I found the atmosphere most congenial where everyone is allowed to use their initiative and ideas by inexperienced members of staff would not be brushed aside.

This helped in developing team work and esprit de corps which enabled everyone to direct their energies into imparting knowledge to the students, who have every year bettered their previous achievement.

I have also found that every member of the maths department is given the opportunity to teach maths at KS5.  In some schools this has become a privilege of few who seem to have hegemonies it.

As a Lead Practitioner I have been helped by the SLT as well as my colleagues to improve the overall standard of teaching and learning.  

Salma Begum

Department: English

The best thing about working at Eastbury Comprehensive School is that the school is very forward thinking in their Teaching and Learning and allow all staff to be creative in their practice. The school leadership encourage this and as a result there is a wide range of teaching styles which has resulted in the success of the school.

The students and colleagues at Eastbury are a pleasure to work with. The students are funny, courteous and are always willing to work hard in order to do well. Eastbury Comprehensive is not only a school, but a community made up of staff, students and parents who work together by their shared dedication to create and achieve success. 

Thomas Guskey noted that ‘a school cannot be better that the staff that work within it’ and thus the CPD opportunities available to all staff within Eastbury internally and externally are immense. For example, last year, in order to develop my leadership practice, I was encouraged to enrol on the Masters of Education Leadership at the Institute of Education. This has not only helped me develop my knowledge on leadership practices but has enabled me to put the theories into practice as the KS4 English Coordinator. The internal opportunities are great as well, as can be noted by the Future Leaders’ programme which is targeted at middle leaders to enable them to grow into strong and successful leaders.

If you work hard at Eastbury then you are rewarded for your hard work. The SLT notice and recognise the hard work of their team and have created endless opportunities in order to help you develop.

This is a great school!