About Us

Eastbury is a successful, well ordered and inclusive school serving an ethnically diverse community. In September 2015 we will become a 3-19 all through school.

Our popular school is oversubscribed and located within easy walking distance of Barking tube and mainline station. We are part of the Priority Schools Building Programme which will provide excellent new facilities.

There has never been a better time to be a staff member at Eastbury.

These are just a few of our key achievements:

  • Nationally recognised English department - TES Literacy Award 2013 & 2014
  • Excellent GCSE Results
  • 95% of our sixth formers progress to university
  • Inclusive and harmonious school community
  • Outstanding sporting achievements (national & international level)


  • K46A0011 1
  • K46A0014
  • K46A0017
  • K46A0057
  • K46A0062
  • K46A0071
  • K46A0084
  • K46A0086
  • K46A0142
  • K46A0161
  • K46A0289
  • K46A0296 Version 3
  • K46A0308
  • K46A0396
  • K46A0413
  • K46A0419
  • K46A0494
  • K46A0568



We encourage and enable all learners to:

• Be active citizens and contribute to our multicultural community;

• Participate in a well-ordered, secure and stimulating learning environment where all learners enjoy the challenge of achieving the highest possible standards;

• Contribute to the development of a safe and caring school, free from fear and harassment, in which everybody is open-minded, and mutually respectful;

• Strive for different types of achievement, which are valued, recognised and celebrated;

• Care for the natural environment, using resources wisely and recycling when possible.


Every Student Matters

Each year group has a team of tutors, led by the Year Curriculum Co-ordinator, who are your first point of  contact between the home and school.

Daily contact with the tutor promotes the personal development and well-being of all students. We also have on-site health and parent support advisors and work with outside agencies to ensure that every student reaches their potential academically, emotionally and socially.

Be Healthy:
We encourage students and staff to lead healthy lifestyles which promote good physical, mental and emotional  health. A full programme of Sex and Health Education has been developed in which we aim to be sensitive to individuals and respect the variety of family, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Be Safe:
We teach students how to keep safe and to be responsible through our lessons, assemblies and polices on anti- bullying, anti-racism and health and safety.

Enjoy and Achieve:
We encourage all students to achieve their personal best and we therefore set them realistic but challenging  targets. We recognise the link between good attendance and success, and work in partnership with parents and students to encourage excellent attendance and punctuality. We endeavour never to give up on any child, nor
to have any child left behind.

Make a Positive Contribution:
We develop students’ self-confidence and show them how to engage in positive behaviours in and out of school. We recognise the importance of the spiritual and moral development of our students. Our Religious Education lessons develop an understanding of all major faith traditions.

The school follows an agreed syllabus drawn up with local advisors, inspectors and leaders of the different faiths in the community.

Our hugely successful School Council meets regularly to discuss issues with students and to inform them of recent changes they have instigated within the school. Our students enjoy participating in a wide variety of charity events supporting both local and international communities.

Economic Well-being:
A structured programme of careers education and guidance teaches the importance of planning for their future from Year 7 and prepares students for the world of employment. In Years 9, 11 and 13 students are given specific careers advice to prepare them for the next stage of their life. During Year 10 students undertake a work experience placement for two weeks which enables them to appreciate more fully the skills and qualifications needed in the workplace.

Right of Withdrawal:
Detailed information on Sex Education, Religious Education and Corporate Acts of Worship is available on request. Parents are entitled to withdraw their child, and those who wish to do so are asked to liaise with the Year Curriculum Co-ordinator so that alternative arrangements can be made