The Education Network was established in 1993 and at the core of its service offering has always has always been safeguarding children and providing the highest quality staff and service.

With the Department of Education’s closure of the Quality Mark on March 31st 2013, The Education Network was actively involved in working with APSCo to develop Compliance +. The Education Network worked as part of the Education Sector Group to develop a quality benchmark for education recruitment companies that not only goes beyond statutory safeguarding standards but also sets standards for competency selection and service quality. The whole emphasis was not only on ensuring child safety but also helping schools achieve the best possible learning outcomes for their students.

The Education Network is proud to be one of the first three education recruitment companies to be awarded the Compliance + standard on 19th December 2013.



In response to the Department for Education’s closure of the Quality Mark for education recruitment on March 31st 2013 APSCo has developed Compliance+ to provide an uncompromising quality benchmark for education recruitment companies. The requirements of Compliance+ compel education recruitment companies to go beyond statutory safeguarding standards, and to aim for excellence in competency selection and service quality.

APSCo has constructed this ground-breaking standard, designed to safeguard children and to benchmark recruitment firms against the best possible service, following extensive consultation with its Education Sector Group members (recruitment firms) and, crucially, external stakeholders from the National Association of Head Teachers, the Association of School & College Leaders, Voice, the National Association of School Business Managers, Academies Enterprise Trust, the School Governors One Stop Shop and the Independent Academies Association.

Through APSCo, education recruitment businesses now have a unique opportunity to take control of the sector and shape future practices by working to a new, rigorous measure that manages the expectations of all stakeholders involved and demonstrates their expert knowledge in this specialist market.


“ASCL warmly welcomes the approach being taken by APSCo with its Compliance+ initiative. Recruitment businesses meeting this new standard will not only have demonstrated very high standards in safe recruitment practices but will also have focussed on helping schools achieve the best outcomes for their students. We particularly welcome the emphasis on working in partnership with schools.”

Duncan Baldwin , Deputy Policy Director, Association of School and College Leaders

“NAHT is pleased to welcome this new initiative. A service that facilitates the consistent recruitment, selection and deployment of supply staff can only benefit our members.”

Russell Hobby, General Secretary, National Association of Head Teachers

“Voice has enjoyed being a part of external stakeholder group, giving us the opportunity to represent our members’ needs in a new, uncompromising quality standard. Supply teachers and schools need confidence when they use the services of a recruitment firm. Compliance+ will be a strong indication of best practice in this sector.”

Deborah Lawson , General Secretary, Voice


What is Compliance +

Compliance+ is a set of best practice requirements for both temporary and permanent recruitment in the education sector, which have been designed with Ofsted criteria in mind, and go beyond the statutory requirements. Recruitment businesses will be audited to these best practice requirements on at least an annual basis by an independent professional, and will be required to show continual improvement in a number of key areas. The standard consists of two sections:

Section 1 – Safeguarding, which covers all safeguarding and child-protection activities undertaken by recruitment businesses when providing any staff into schools.

Section 2 – Competency which goes beyond the safety of a candidate, and looks to ensure that recruitment businesses are not just providing staff, but that they are providing the best suited and highest quality staff for a particular post.



Compliance+ will give recruitment firms the framework within which to provide clients with better prepared, better-suited, and safer candidates

Who can achieve Compliance + accreditation

Any education recruitment company based in the UK may apply for accreditation to Compliance+. It is not necessary to be a member of APSCo to achieve accreditation.


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