Candidate Guides

The Education Network:-


Works for you. You tell us what type of  work you require, including location, frequency, duration, level etc. We identify suitable education opportunities so that we can offer you work which meets your criteria. We ask you to keep in regular contact with us so we have an accurate up to date picture of your availability. This maximises your chances of finding the job you require when you need it.

Supports you. We offer support and advice to help you in any educational post located by us. We ensure that the job is suitable for you and that you are given appropriate support as and when it is required. We will visit you in the classroom in a non-judgemental, positive way to offer support and guidance if needed. We will provide you with on-going professional development both from our in-house courses and by means of our training partners.

Expects you to:- 

  • Be prepared; and arrive by 8.30, if given sufficient notice
  • Teach:, not supervise
  • Be prepared to use your own teaching material if work is not provided to you
  • Liaise with your school contact on arrival and departure; and ask for an outline of the school day and behaviour policy
  • Follow lesson plans provided by the school wherever possible
  • Keep notes, and complete a handover sheet for the returning teacher at the end of each day
  • Leave the classroom tidy
  • Mark work covered that day where appropriate
  • Maintain the school’s ethos, and work under the direction of the school’s senior management
  • Phone your consultant at the end of the day to feedback how the day has gone so we can build a fuller picture of the establishments best suited to you but also so we can build a picture for colleagues who may work there subsequently

Offers you:- All types of educational  job opportunities from a half day’s emergency supply cover to full time permanent posts. You are not obliged to accept any work that is offered, but  it would be helpful to us if you can explain why you have not accepted an offer of work so that we can have the clearest picture of your requirements and preferences.

Pays you promptly:- We pay the following Friday after you have worked directly into your bank account.

Please endeavour to do your best on every assignment. Remember we all depend on each other to maintain our reputation and ensure future demand for our education staff.